February 1, 2021, marked eight years of continuous sobriety. To celebrate, I went on a hike, ate cake, and wrote five lessons I’ve learned since 2013. Here they are:

I Need to Feel Safe in my Relationships

This past summer, I was in Montana, hiking up a couloir with a couple of friends. I came across the remnants of someone’s winter wipe out — mostly ski poles debris and bits of gear-garbage. As I was picking up the pieces (leave no trace!) I came across something less expected: Psychedelic mushrooms in a grody ziplock baggie…can’t have plastic in nature, so I stuck ’em in my pack with everything else.

At the top of the couloir, I presented the evidence to my friends, recreating the crime scene of someone who must have gone skiing, tripped balls, fallen down…

Dear Bro,

I’ve been meaning to write you for a while now — a long while, actually. There are about four and a half years of updates. I’ll start with here and now (not to be confused with the NPR segment), and follow up with additional important chapters that you might’ve missed. You always lamented the fact that attention spans have gotten shorter, so you’re not allowed to skim!

Here and Now

We’re currently living in a pandemic because of this thing called Coronavirus, which spread from bats to humans sometime last year and has killed tens of thousands. It has sparked some…

Yesterday I went to Home Depot. My roommate and I took all the recommended precautions…washed our hands, didn’t touch our faces, sanitized the carts, and made sure we had our lists ready so we could make an expeditious trip. Two-hundred dollars later, we went home, used the resources we had bought for various plans to promote sanity and sustainability, and went to bed. This morning I woke up with a raging emotional and guilt-ridden hangover.

The cashier at Home Depot was named Ron and looked to be in his mid-70’s, perhaps with Parkinson’s. He had shaky, weathered hands, a kind…

At the time of publication…convinced I was an adult


During my senior year of college, I was assigned to write a memoir of sorts. I recall writing the paper and being pleased with it. I even remember receiving a rare “A+” after uncharacteristically applying myself. Over the years, I lost track of the paper — until today.

Like most of us, my mother is practicing social distancing and self-quarantine. “Get ready,” she texted me, “I’m sending you an old piece of writing.”

Gearing up to laugh at something ridiculous I’d written as a child, I was surprised when she sent me this. Having written it when I was 22…

If you ever want to give yourself sleepless nights, metaphorical aneurysms, and a couple of dozen new gray hairs, just try writing an article you probably have no business writing. Sounds fun, right? Let’s dive in.

The story begins three weeks ago at my local climbing gym in Boulder, Colorado, when I learned that fellow climbers had been making racist remarks to the South Korean coffee shop owners next door. The climbing gym is notorious for its grueling parking situation. …

Sarah Chase Fountain

I have no filter and lots of emotions. Sometimes this gets me in trouble.

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